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Continuity Management: E-Learning




Course Material

Details the various modules included within the course 


The Assessment

The AOS assessment for continuity management. 



Additional assignments to re-enforce the course knowledge



Interact with the course tutor and other students.   



Web mail, address book,  resources, and a host of other facilities are provided to course members.


Your Certificate

The AOS Continuity Management certificate is awarded to students who  successfully complete the assessment.







Disaster Recovery Training - Management

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The Online Disaster Recovery Management Training Course


Management is of course a key part of the the disaster recovery planning process. To be successful it requires a firm understanding of the concepts, structures required, the cultural aspects, the different requisite activities, the different plans and elements within, the different phases and activities within the planning process, the critical success factors, and of course much more.


Fortunately, a course has emerged to help managers assimilate this knowledge, quickly and efficiently.


The ITIL Service Continuity Management (Disaster Recovery Planning) course is available via a medium designed to fit around your already busy schedule.... it is delivered online, straight to your desktop or laptop!



Obtain The AOS Continuity Management Certificate

The course is essentially a detailed modular introduction to the fundamental concepts of continuity management and planning. It is presented within the ITIL framework, which itself is becoming the industry standard for IT service management.


Upon completion of the course, an online assessment is presented, covering each element of the course. When this is successfully completed and notified the certificate is forwarded via email to the successful individual. To answer the most frequently asked question - yes, you can repeat the exercise as often as needed to reach the pass level. There is also no time-out on the course itself.



Disaster Recovery Planning: E-Learning

The IT Service Continuity Management Course is a particularly enriched experience. Once you have registered, online, as a student you can use the many options presented:

You can read (and print if you wish) all the course materials;

You can use the on site forums;

A range of optional extra-curricular assignments are available, each designed to re-enforce a concept or topic;

Facilities are available to interact with both the course tutor and other students

A special range of features, such as web-mail and address book are  at your disposal

Before you start your main concern may be  this is dry and solitary experience. It certainly isn't!

The course is designed to provide students with both the content and support to gain confidence, and competency, in the disciplines and framework of continuity management (disaster recovery planning management).


If you are charged with responsibility for managing a disaster recovery planning, or continuity planning exercise, or simply wish understand how the should managed, where they fit, etc... this course could prove invaluable.


Course Contents

As listed above, the course is bristling with content and useful features. For more details on these contents, including a number of screenshots, select from the panel on the left hand side.





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